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The famous Asam Laksa is extremely popular, especially among ladies for its spicy, sweet, and sour taste. This is strictly a hawker fare, as one is unlikely to find great laksa in any fancy restaurant. It is basically coarse rice noodles in a sour based fish soup with assam, sprinkled with garnishings and topped with prawn paste.

My hometown Penang is definately the best place to find Asam Laksa especially the corner coffee shop opposite the T-junction leading into the main and only street of Balik Pulau houses the most popular laksa stall.

1 packet white Laksa Noodles
1kg Ikan Kembung (Mackerel)
2 stalks Lemon GrassLemon Grass
, smashed
5 Kesom Leaves (Polygonum)Kesom Leaves

2 stalks Bunga Kantan (Pink Ginger Buds)Bunga Kantan

5-6 tbsp Chilli Paste
2 OnionOnion

2 cm cube BelacanShrimp Paste
It is made from fermented ground shrimp, sun dried and then cut into fist-sized rectangular blocks

Tamarind Juice, Asam Keping (Dried Tamarind Skin)Asam Keping
and Salt to taste

Ingredients for Garnishing
shredded Cucumber
sliced Red ChilliesRed Chillies

sliced Large OnionLarge Onion

chopped Pineapple
Mint LeavesMint Leaves

1. Soak laksa in hot water for a few minutes and drain.
2. Boil fish and debone. Drain fish stock.
3. Pound or blend fish meat. Pound bones.
4. Add two cups of warm water and strain. Keep aside.
5. Pound onions with belacan.
6. Cut bunga kantan into quarters.
7. Place everything except the laksa into a pot.
8. Add water to get the gravy thickness preferred. Bring to boil.
9. Place the laksa with the garnishing in individual bowls. Pour over the gravy.
10. Serve with Prawn Paste which has been mixed with a little warm water.

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