Thursday, March 1, 2007

As an avid cook, I sometimes lose myself in a home depot store browsing through the latest kitchenwares and equipments or hunting for bargains. I quite often find myself staring at a new item and imagining ways of using it to either simplify or improve the cooking process. I was recently introduced to an online store called and boy was I amazed by their super large selection of kitchenwares and supplies.

I would say Instawares primarily focus are more towards commercial usage like restaurants or hotels but consumers can also purchase from them too. Not only do they carry the usual kitchenwares but disposables and even janitorials too from some very notable brands.

Purchasing from Instawares is made much easier with the many payment options accepted including the new Google Checkout. The only setback in my opinion is International consumers like myself are not able to purchase from the site directly but instead have to call in order to make a purchase. I'm sure the cost from making a lengthy phone call purchase would be equivalent to purchasing an item itself.


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