Monday, January 22, 2007

I didn't have the opportunity to do much cooking this few days due to a close friend's wedding this weekend, so your patience is much appreciated. I will definitely be posting tomorrow for sure.

Upon returning home this evening, I browsed through Project Petaling Street for the latest hot Malaysian topics and found a post about Malaysian Blogsphere Search which totally blew me away. What a concept indeed! Now I can search not only other Malaysian posted recipes but also other topics from my fellow Malaysian bloggers both old and new. I strongly agree that there are many many interesting Malaysian contents out there and being able to search them is indeed a blessing.

I also took a few minutes to incorporate their search database to this blog on my sidebar which I'm sure my visitors will find very useful instead of the normal Google search I had earlier.

Well I guess I shall spend a few hours reading up... till tomorrow then! Cheers!

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